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Passport and visa for Thailand


All visitors entering Thailand must possess a passport valid for 6 months minimum.


Immigration Information
Passport holders from 48 countries are not required to obtain a visa when entering Thailand for tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in the Kingdom for a period of not exceeding 30 days on each visit. Foreigners who enter the Kingdom under the Tourist Visa Exemption category may re-enter and stay in Thailand for a cumulative duration of stay of not exceeding 90 days within any 6-month period from the date of first entry.

Thailand's Visa Information : Tourist Visa Exemption

- Please note that Tourist Visa Exemption does not apply to foreigners holding Travel Document for Aliens issued by these 48 countries.
- Foreigners entering Thailand under the Tourist Visa Exemption category must possess adequate finances for the duration of stay in Thailand (i.e., cash 10,000 Baht per person and 20,000 Baht per family).

Temporary visitors to Thailand for the purpose of pleasure who are exempted from applying for entry visas must be of the nationality of and holding valid passports or travelling documents issued by:

1. Australia : Commonwealth of Australia
2. Austria : Republic of Austria
3. Belgium : Kingdom of Belgium
4. Brazil : Federative Republic of Brazil (****)
5. Bahrain : State of Bahrain
6. Brunei Darussalam : Negara Brunei Darussalam
7. Canada
8. Denmark : Kingdom of Denmark
9. Finland : Republic of Finland
10. France : French Republic
11. Germany : Federal Republic of Germany
12. Greece : Hellenic Republic
13. Hong Kong : Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
14. Iceland : Republic of Iceland
15. Indonesia : Republic of Indonesia
16. Ireland : Republic of Ireland
17. Israel : State of Israel
18. Italy : Republic of Italy
19. Japan
20. Korea : Republic of Korea (****)
21. Kuwait : State of Kuwait
22. Luxembourg : Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
23. Malaysia
24. Monaco : Principality of Monaco
25. Netherlands : Kingdom of the Netherlands
26. New Zealand
27. Norway : Kingdom of Norway
28. Oman : Sultanate of Oman
29. Peru : Republic of Peru (****)
30. Philippines : Republic of the Philippines
31. Portugal : Republic of Portugal
32. Qatar : State of Qatar
33. Singapore : Republic of Singapore
34. Spain : Kingdom of Spain
35. South Africa : Republic of South Africa
36. Sweden : Kingdom of Sweden
37. Switzerland : Swiss Confederation
38. Turkey : Republic of Turkey
39. United Arab Emirates
40. United Kingdom : United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
41. United States of America
42. Vietnam : Socialist Republic of Vietnam
43. Czech : Czech Republic
44. Hungary : Republic of Hungary
45. Liechtenstein : Principality of Liechtenstein
46. Poland : Republic of Poland
47. Slovak : Slovak Republic
48. Slovenia : Republic of Slovenia

They must enter the kingdom by passenger transports such as aircraft or sea-going vessels of 500 registered tons and up; or through channels of immigration check-points or border check-points on the Malaysian boundary; or enter by means of passenger aircraft, sea-going vessel, rail, bus, taxi, touring coach or hired motor-cycle and having:
- Fully paid ticket or other document belonging to the vehicle owner or to the operator of the vehicle which is to be used for leaving the kingdom within the period specified, or
- Documentary evidence of the owner or operator of the vehicle showing fully paid reservation for the departure from the kingdom within the period specified.
- Exempted are Malaysian nationals entering the kingdom by means of bus, hired car, touring coach or hired motor-cycle through immigration check-points or border check-points bordering on Malaysian territory, who need not have travelling ticket or documents mentioned under Items I and 2. Persons mentioned in the above conditions are exempted from visas and are permitted to remain in the kingdom for a period not exceeding fifteen days from the day of entry. They are not allowed to extend their stay for more than fifteen days, unless under unforeseen circumstances such as illness or delay of aircraft departure. Visitors wishing to stay in the kingdom for more than fifteen days are advised to apply to missions in their countries. In the event there are no Thai diplomatic missions, they may apply to missions in neighbouring countries, or forward their request and supporting evidence to the Immigration Division, Soi Suan Phlu, Sathon Tai Rd., Bangkok 10120, Thailand. Tel: 2873101-10 Visitors to Thailand may Obtain Visas on Arrival at
The Bangkok International Airport The Chiang Mai International Airport
The Phuket International Airport The Hat Yai International Airport
They must also have a fully paid ticket which enables them to travel out of the kingdom within the stipulated time. The application for a visa must be accompanied by a photograph as well as the necessary fee. Visitors from some countries may now visit Thailand for up to 30 days without requiring visas: Please contact your nearest Thai consulate for the list of countries.
Validity of Visas
Every kind of visa is valid for a so-day period from the date of issue.
:: Length of Stay
- Transit Visa 30 days
- Tourist Visa 60 days
- non-immigrant Visa 90 days
Visa Extensions
Apply for extensions of stay at the Immigration office. Fee 1,900 Baht.
:: Mobile Visa Extension Service
A good news for tourists who would like to extend their period of staying in Thailand. Immigration Bangkok provides visa extension service at the Emerald Hotel Rachadapisek Road , Bangkok
Working hour 09.00 - 12.00 every Wednesday effective April 23, 2003 One Stop Service for the tourists hold visa and duration for extension as below :
- Transit Visa 30 days
- Tourist Visa 30 days
- Visa on arrival 10 days
- Without Visa 10 days
- Applicant must bring your passport (with copies of the first page and recent visa page)
- 1 photo (4x6 cm.) Application fee is 1,900 Baht.
- For more information please call 02-2873101 -9 Ext. 2263 , 2265

Application fee for re-entry permit is 1,900 Baht.
Exit Visa
Not required.