Thailand Vacation Advisor

Euro Siam Foundation

The EURO-SIAM Fondation is the initiative of a single person.

The two main goals of the EURO-SIAM Fondation are the following:

First to help the children from Thailand to have a better acces to school and to Contribute to education by creating libraries, computer classes, etc … Finance education project to help children in need. Included in this aim is the restoration projects in order to maintain past cultural heritage which is so crutial to the children in order to preserve their roots.

The second aim of the Euro-Siam Fondation is to strengthen Europe and South-East Asia ties by creating shared experiences for dialogue, enhance mutual understanding, explore opportunities for cooperation on intellectual and cultural point of view. We believe that bringing these two continents together in mutual dialog and exchange will ultimately contribute towards their common development and prosperity, as well as to world peace and stability. We do believe in harmony. We focus on developing networks that help strengthen South- Asia & Europe relations

In order to reach these goals the Euro-Siam Fondation is doing various commercial events from which all profits are used to fulfill the aim s of the Fondation